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Imagine with me a fictional Small Group. In order to offer a more positive alternative to the ghoulish Halloween holiday that has become so popular, they decided to have a Holy-ween costume fellowship (we don’t have parties, you know). They determined that attendees would dress up a Bible characters instead of ghosts and goblins. The following will be a mythical (and somewhat silly) effort to capture what might have been the scene (and the insights of the party hosts) as each character came through the front door – which was decorated as a very large Bible – and acted in character. Here is a snapshot of some who showed up: 

  • The “Apostle Paul” –  he was first  through the door. Stooped over and blind, ‘Paul” was scratching the hardwood floors with his ball and chain and clumsily knocked over the punch and hor douvres table. 
  • “Noah” – bringing with him a host of animals (2 by 2, no less), he and his entourage created quite a stir. Although well behaved, the animals kept leaving “residue” behind while “Noah” kept checking his iPhone to see when the weather forecast was calling for rain. 
  • “Peter” – brandishing a sword and a 4 day old beard, “Peter” came in dirty sandals and smelled of freshly caught fish. He impulsively moved about the room carrying around a tray of snacks muttering, “Feed my sheep. Feed my sheep.” 
  • “Pontius Pilate” – one rather unique (OK, strange…all Small Groups have someone who is a bit off-beat. Usually it’s me.) attendee thought coming as the 5th Prefect of Judea would “different.” However, “Pilate” seemed out of place, guilt ridden, and spent the entire time in the bathroom washing his hands. 
  • “Judas Iscariot” – he showed up carrying a bag with 30 pieces of silver, a forlorn look, and kept attempting to jump off the elevated deck at the back of the house. 
  • “John the Baptist” – dressed in camel-hair and with honey dripping from his beard, “John” brought a covered dish of locusts and said nothing all night but a repeated, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” Later in the evening he was observed filling up the bathtub in an effort to create a makeshift baptistery. 
  • “Abraham” – brought his son along with a live ram and they continuously dramatized the saga of “Isaac’s” near sacrifice. All the attendees were fearful that, as the climax of the play, the poor ram would inevitably be slaughtered right before their eyes . 
  • “Jonah” – sopping wet, “Jonah” arrived smelling of whale vomit and kept asking, “I really don’t want to go, but which way is it to Ninevah?”  
  • “Rahab” – an older woman thought the most famous prostitute of the Old Testament would be a good character for her. Frighteningly, the costume was far too skimpy and certainly not age-appropriate. Much gossip and unwarranted accusations ensued. 
  • “Salome” – entered the door dancing provocatively. Carrying a platter in one hand she kept asking, “Where’s’ John? I need to see him for just a minute. If he’s around, please give me a heads up.” 
  • Jezebel – loud, rude, and arrogant, “Jezebel” annoyed nearly everyone (including “Satan,” who had not yet arrived) at the fellowship. Ironically, she brought her 2 pet dogs with her. 
  • “Moses” – came in carrying 2 large stone tablets and claiming he was very thirsty. All night he continued “smiting” everything that looked like a rock (including the Apostle Paul). 
  • “Satan” – he slyly slithered in wearing a serpent’s costume. “Satan” spent the entire fellowship time attempting to beguile and deceive all of the guests. Especially the last ones to show up. 
  • Adam and Eve – they were the last to show up and “The Serpent” was thrilled at their arrival. The rest of the crowd, however, felt quite awkward as the couple came wearing their “garden attire.” 

The original family’s appearance (and exposure) was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. A chaotic and mass exodus commenced with Moses leading the way and Peter not far behind. Simultaneously, the church’s new young pastor called and said he was on his way. As guests were fleeing to the exits and, amidst the pandemonium, giving Satan, Adam and Eve, and Rahab a very wide berth, the hosts apologetically explained to their tardy minister that the “party” (train wreck) was just breaking up.  

The pastor couldn’t hide his disappointment as he softly commented that he had created just the perfect costume. The hosts obligingly asked, “And what was that?” “I was going to be the Demoniac of Mark 5.”  Which makes me think: too bad “Legion” didn’t come as well – he and the other guests would have had much to talk about. 

Happy Holy-ween!

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