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Word of the Cross

Knowledge precedes faith.~Francis Schaeffer


Many people think that faith and knowledge are opposites. Atheists often attack Christianity by criticizing a “faith” that they say is not supported by, or even contradicted by, evidence. Some Christians seem to agree with them. They support their view with verses like 2 Corinthians 5:7 for we walk by faith, not bysight (ESV).

Here’s the problem: to interpret this verse in such a way, one has to take it out of context.

To interpret faith as meaning a blind leap of faith, one has to ignore the passages surrounding this verse, ignore the context of Scripture as a whole, and ignore the original language the Bible was written in. Let’s start with the language. The Greek word translated into English as faith is pistis. Here is what Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary says about pistis:

…primarily, “firm persuasion,” a conviction based upon hearing…

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